Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy New Year

Well just a quick update for all 8 of you who are on here reading. I hope we can have more. Anyways I just wanted to get even this up to speed.
The Holidays:
We had a great Christmas. The most special reason for us to be so happy was having our daughter celebrate with us. She is just the best and loved all her gifts and so did we.
New Years was well good and bad. It was bad because of our travel issues which is now a really funny story. We really had a hard time because the outreach we did before hand tired us out. The outreach though was excellent. We were encouraged and humbled by what happened there.
As of Now:
We are hard at work getting teams for the summer. Its crazy but in a few months we'll be heading back to Mexico! It feels like the summer sneaks up on us all the time. We've got one week for individuals this summer and are really excited for this. We hope to get at least 10 people or more. Getting worship leaders and teams and interns are going well too. Adah is doing so great! She getting bigger, stronger, smarter etc... A few more weeks and we're pretty sure shes going to do some real walking.

Well thats whats happening as of now. We are doing great and thankful to our Lord for His amazing blessings. Each day is a new and full of promise but only because our hope is in Him.

Thanks and peace.