Tuesday, June 30, 2009

God is amazing...

Last week was awesome.  God gave visions, provided healing, and showed us just how powerfully he is using us in people's lives.

It was amazing to see the people that we trained in ministry last summer return to Mexico this summer to work with the church that we worked with last year, Nuevo Pacto.  We were able to see first hand just how powerfully God uses the teams in the lives of the churches and how powerfully God uses the churches here to encourage the teams from the United States.  They had even more children this year than we did last year!  More people are hearing the gospel, and that is exciting.

This week we have no teams here, but are planning what we will do when we do an outreach as a staff in two weeks.  

Pray that God would protect us as a team as we prepare.  The enemy does not want us to do an outreach as a staff, so he is going to try and bring as much division as he can.

Adah is doing well.  Last night she slept from 9 pm to 4:30am and then slept again until 8 am!  Wow!  She is growing.  Yesterday I weighed her and she weights 10 1/2 lbs.  She has been putting her hand in her mouth on her own to suck it, so that has been cool.  I am so enjoying watching her grow and thrive.  I am incredibly thankful to be a mother of such a beautiful child.  She truly is a gift from God and a beautiful addition to Linn and I.

I will post more pics as soon as I get a chance...so much comes up down here that it's hard to find the time to hook up the camera, load the pictures, upload them, etc.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Good God stuff

Well its so good to get some thoughts out there and let you know what's been going on.  I'm just going to tag on to what Dar said in her blog.  This group of interns are great!  Its amazing how it seemed like we picked them to come but really I see more and more how its just God working it and putting things together.  Hows it having a baby here with us you ask?  I feel like its one of the greatest things I've ever done.  Adding to the firsts this is my first fathers day and I really can't think of anything more cool than having my daughter here with me.  So far the only trouble we've had Adah wise is a little bit of gas because momma had chinese food.  It seems to give baby a little gas.  Something I'm proud of and not to toot my own horn but I have gone out into the city by myself to run errands.  I went out the 2nd day we got here to get groceries from a local store and when I got back I told Dar all about it.  Like a 2 year old who went potty for the first time.  I said "I went to Comercial all by myself I'm a big boy."  Darlene just said thats good but not in a patronizing way.  Our summer is just beginning but it already feels like we've been here for a long time.  However it doesn't feel like we've been doing nothing on the contrary.  We've been working hard and are very thankful for your prayers.  Having a baby makes balancing the things we do a little bit harder because it was just us before.  Its still better than anything so far because I can play with her when I'm bored and talk to her father daughter stile, whatever that means.  We've been doing an amazing video series called the truth project they have been going good also.  Even though the numbers are down it feels as busy if not busier than years past.  I praise God that we are here and that we can minister despite the low numbers and other distractions.  He is still the same and still shows Himself worthy of praise.  Well thats all for now thanks for your prayers and seriously you should Come cause God is doing some great stuff.  


Day 1!

Another day of firsts today...first day of the outreach season!  We have two teams here this week.  One team from Texas and one team from Ohio.  The team from Ohio is made up of some of our really good friends that we were able to serve with here last summer.  Two of my former students are here!  One of them, Mo, is an intern for the summer, and the other, Christine, is leading her own team this summer.  It is amazing to be a part of encouraging the saints.

We have a new cook for the summer, Ron Struska.  Patti (who has been our cook for 7 years) is training him this week.  He is going to be awesome!  His family is coming later this week.

Adah turned exactly 2 months old yesterday.  She is cooing and gurgling and smiling a lot.  Each day is filled with the beauty of new life.  People have been asking me, "What's it like having a baby in Mexico?"  I don't really know how to answer because I don't really know what it's like to have a baby yet!  She was only about 6 weeks old when we got here!  So it just feels normal and natural to be here with her.  Thank you for all of your prayers because that is why she and we are doing so well.

We are thankful that the news is improving in regards to traveling to Mexico.  "They" are saying that it's safe to travel to Mexico...so that's an answer to prayer.  Maybe some teams will still sign up to come down in August!

Pray that MANY would come to know Christ and be encouraged in their faith this week.
Pray that the efforts of the FEW would be expanded to reach many many people.  God is so powerful!!!!! : )

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Food, food, food

Today I will be working on the lists for shopping day tomorrow...a whole day in front of the computer.  The interns are in Ensenada on a culture trip...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Truth Project

We started the Truth Project tonight with the interns and some other YUGO staff members.  It was pretty awesome to go through the first "tour" about the question, "What is truth?"  "Truth" is reality, and God says what reality is in his word.  It's pretty neat that God has laid out the world and our lives to have order and to make sense.  God is truth.  Jesus said that he came to testify to the truth.  Truth is important to God, so it's important for us to understand what truth really is.

First Post

I had an idea today to start a blog in order to keep in better contact with people about our ministry and what we're doing here in Mexico.  We have been here for 9 days and it has been great.  It's hard to believe that only 8 short weeks ago Adah was born, and now we're here in Mexico!  God is good to give us the amazing strength needed to do his work.